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CHAT: ASCII IPA transcriptions

From:Irina Rempt <irina@...>
Date:Monday, April 15, 2002, 19:15
On Monday 15 April 2002 20:18, Philip Newton wrote:

> Is that so? Hm. Thanks for the information; I haven't been on the > list for that long. I just got the impression that a fair number of > people used X-SAMPA and that it was the _de facto_ standard. > > Was it not always so? What did people use before the invasion of the > Sampists? Or did everyone have their own scheme?
I used (and still use) Kirshenbaum, with one small modification (I have to write the Ilaini "rh", a semi-aspirated voiceless uvular trill, as a devoiced uvular R [R<o>] because Kirshenbaum doesn't do voiceless trills). Granted, I have only a few "strange" phonemes: this one, and [s<lat>] (voiceless lateral fricative, "lh", which I and the Valdyans think is a species of "l" and Kirsh thinks is a species of "s"; I think there's something to be said for both) and the high central unrounded vowel [i"] (i-with-a-stroke), "y". All the rest are perfectly straightforward. Irina -- Back up, but not perfect yet: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else. | ----------------------------------------------------------------------