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Feasible, or not?: Metasthesis In Silindion

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Sunday, October 6, 2002, 20:44
In Silindion the phenomenon of metasthesis is particularly common, and a few
weeks ago I hit upon a possible explanation
of how it developed.

There are many places where it occurs, however, I'm only concentrating on when a
proto cluster *CN (where N is a nasal,usually /n/) becomes
NC in Silindion. Other environments such as *VC > CV have not yet been studying in detail.

The metasthesis of *CN to NC occurs most often in verbal roots when the suffixes
*-nad (GERUND) and *-nV (PASSIVE) are added.
There are a few other verbal suffixes as well. In nominal roots, it occurs in some
accusatives of some noun classes.

A few examples of proto-Silindion:

*id-nad     :  knowing
*pho:g-nad  :  running
*syub-nad   :  dancing

*phat-nad   :  doing
*lak-nad    :  riding
*nep-nad    :  singing

These become Silindion:



The process by which this occured is as follows:

Using first _idnad_
(here N indicates prenasalization)

/idnad/ > /idnat/ > /iNdnat_h/ > /iNdnaT/ > /iNdnah/ > /indna/ > /inda/

Using _laknad_

/laknad/ > /laknat/ > /laNknat_h/ > /laNknaT/ > /laNknah/ > /lankna/ > /lanka/

Thus, all these metastheses are the outcome of prenasalization. Is this a feasible
series of changes?
(Also, the changes in the final /d/ aren't quite clear to me yet, so disregard that).

Two interesting cases of Metasthesis occur in the words:

*akda   : in front of, before
*sikndo : cat

in *akda, *kd becomes first *kn then the regular series of changes aply producing _anka_
In *sikndo, the /n/ between consonants is lost, producing *kd, which then becomes
*kn, which then becomes _sinko_

what do you think ?

Elliott Lash