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From:Edward Heil <edwardheil@...>
Date:Thursday, April 8, 1999, 21:26
Brian Betty <bbetty@...> wrote:
> I'm reading Melchert's book, and he is the most cantankerous writer I h=
> ever laid eyes on. Everything he doesn't approve of, he "vehemently > rejects," "forcefully opposes," "absolutely must be deleted," and the l=
> It's a blast to read - it really spices up the work to have him so work=
> up about phonological issues in Hieroglyphic Luwian, for example, and h=
> seems to be otherwise pretty fair (I agree with most of his points, and=
> is kind and very supportive of correct points by the same authors he > lambasts elsewhere). > =
> I agree that Lehmann can be hard to read, but check the intro for what =
> Hs mean. I personally applaud his attempt to figure out what the Hs are=
, as
> I cannot keep mental track of which H is which when they are all sub-1,=
> My mind just isn't built to remember that, and I can't figure out how t=
> were really pronounced ...\
Really? For me they're mnemonically associated with the vowels e, a, and= o, because those are their reflexes as prothetic vowels in Greek, and they a= re in a heirarchy of "strength" -- h1 (the "e" laryngeal) colors nothing, h2 (t= he "a" laryngeal) colors e but not o, and h3 (the "o" laryngeal) colors e or= o (though I guess it doesn't need to color "o" cause it's already that colo= r!). The IPA reflexes are nice to know and all that... But Lehmann's discussio= n of them in his section on phonology is a trifle confusing, and is made all t= he more confusing because I'm quite certain there is a typo in that section = -- at one point he speaks of the laryngeals attested in Hittite "h" as being, probably, lower-case gamma and lower-case chi (the IPA symbol for a uvula= r voiceless fricative)! Lower-case chi is never mentioned again anywhere i= n the text, and the surrounding text leads me to believe this is a typo for a lower-case x (velar voiceless fricative) -- but it really confused me for= a bit. I'll have to dig up my notes for Weiss's class (they're several hundred m= iles away at this point) and check them out. Ed --------------------------------------------------------- Edward Heil .......................... --------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________ Get free e-mail and a permanent address at 1