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Re : Mediopassive/labile verbs; was: very confused - syntax question

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Date:Sunday, July 4, 1999, 17:24
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 04/07/99 17:05:42  , Sally a =E9crit :

[snip all the long interesting stuff]

i devoured your post and keep it in my virtual gilded library for now.
i understood less clearly your shift from medio-passive to passive
from your webpage. i find this quite far from classical OVS standard.
i knew volitional attaches to T. verbs. i just wrongly though it would
attach to medio-passive verbs to tell "li auto" is not a mere O
in an active OVS. why do you keep quasi-factitive bases like "to undress
someone" and "to boil something" ? is it because it makes more
sense to you ? because you find it more attractive ?

> > i see the flower > the flower appears-to me > > boku-wa hana-wo miru > hana-wa boku-ni mi-e-ru > > me-(NOM)-TOP flower-ACC see > flower-(NOM)-TOP me-OBL appear > =20 > Interesting! > =20
it's japanese. japanese is interesting. and unique, of course :-T. i know plenty of japanese who would love to know that their grammar is akin to such exotic languages as Basque and Teonath (although japanese mediopassive is not transitive) ;-) i swap (un)volitive and voice-cases : kanan ka-W-A-tub Y-E-barazh me see-VOL-AGE UNVOL-PAT-flower i see flower barazh ka-Y-E-tub W-A-kanan flower see-UNVOL-PAT VOL-AGE-me flower is seen by me barazh ka-W-E-tub Y-A-kanan flower see-VOL-PAT UNVOL-AGE-me flower shows to me barazh ka-Y-E-tub Y-A-kanan flower see-UNVOL-PAT UNVOL-AGE-me flower appears to me etc. i spare you further development with resultative and factitive voices.=20 it's boring but writing it on a post helps me ponder whether it's ok like=20 Jennifer said. mathias