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OT: Eudora

From:Dan Jones <devobratus@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 23:20
A completely spurious and off-topic post, I know, and I apologise, but you
are the only bunch of techno-savvy people I know. Just a quick question:

How do I go about changing the text which automatically comes at the head
of an email when I reply to a message (e.g. "At [date], [name] wrote:"? I'd
like it to be in my conlang, or in Welsh, Gaulish or similar. If it helps
I'm using Eudora 5.1. Any help you may give would be much appreciated.



Ath yw dyned can pob den o rydhad o voenyth, cynanaf â chraveth.

            o Raeth 18 o Gorlavaraed Vethysadec an Dynedad Dyneth