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Køpsa - New conlang

From:Neo <neovirus@...>
Date:Saturday, June 1, 2002, 2:55
Ok, heres a very early grammar of my new language, Køpsa. Please, I am
young and do not no much about linguistics, so point out any thing I
need. Thanks. And if you would like more info and things about it, I am
always happy to share my creation.
Word order:
To make a word plural, add ‘ø. Possessive is ’’, Plural Possessive ’’ø. 
Gender Classes:
Child: -poku
Boy (young male): -kusu
Girl (young female) –pøsø
Woman (adult female): -sopa
Authority: -skø
Negatives: -søs
Male gender is understood to be true if there is no trailing case. The
only personal pronouns there is are ‘I’ and ‘You’.
Køpsa is an isolating and sometimes agglugnating language. And verb
tense is explained using words. Tense is also explained with words by
using past, future, and present words as modifiers. 
Going into the word order: Verb-modifiers to verb-Subject-modifiers to
subject-pronouns-Object-modifiers to object-pronouns.
Questions: Yes or no:
            If the answer to a question is expected to be Yes, then end
the sentence with “pokøpa.” If no, then end with “søspø.” 
General Questions:
            To signal asking a question, end sentence with “supø.” To
signal your answer, add “supacø”
Some sample vocab and some taglines:
“Sypu supco cycu supøcas’ø.”
     “Someday whales will sing to dolphins”
Sypu [s why - puh you]  (V) – Sing
supcø [s you – puh c aw] (N) – future
cycu [c why – c you] (N) – whale
supøcas’ø [s you – puh aw – cuh ey s aw] (N) – dolphin plural.