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Sinthrax=> Lingu Frakas...question re: TMA (tenses, mood & aspects)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Saturday, May 13, 2000, 21:25
    I am trying to create an interesting - but simple array of tenses &
aspects for my artlang pidgin/creole Sinthrax (possibly undergoing name
change to "Lingu Frakas" cuz there is a company called Sinthrax in Italy ....
but this is no problem... "Lingu Frakas" plays on the word _lingua franca_

    I was thinking:
        _mito-xi_ -  "remote/mythological perfective past tense"
        _anci-xi_     -  "ancient historical or distant perfective past "   "
        _xi_     -  perfective past tense (combinable with words denoting
seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.)
        _xe-xi_  - incomplete/unfinished past tense
        _s'xa_    - progressive
        _xa_ continuative
        _xe_ potential or irrealis