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[Conlangs-Conf] Order your DVDs now! (Plus some misc conference info...)

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Thursday, July 6, 2006, 6:13
Hello again everyone.

Thanks to Hokulani from the ZBB, the DVD version of the conference is
in production. It's not completed yet, but she needs to know the
orders now (for lack of hard drive space to hold the whole thing, and
DVD-to-DVD copy ability).

The DVDs will come as a set; probably on the order of 4-8 of them,
hopefully will be uncut but improved (pending some technical stuff;
all permissions have been gotten). Hopefully will include the
interviews also (they're anywhere from 15 min to 2+ hours each, and
had some bizarre technical problems when recording that may or may not
interfere with the rip). The price is not yet set, but should be
fairly nominal; in the range of USD$5-15.

For everyone who orders one, I'll throw in an original copy of the
conference program, and all supplements, while supplies last. I'll
even stamp it with a Conlang Flag stamp (again, while supplies last...
I have two sheets of them). Whether they come to you all at once or as
they're produced is TBD (pragmatics on Hokulani's end).

So if you want a DVD, NOW is (finally) the time to order.

Please send me by email:
1. Your full real-world name & address (for shipping)
2. Your paypal email (for billing)

I'll handle compilation and pass all the info off to Hokulani, as well
as her share of the money, to make things easier on her.

Please send your orders in now. We'll hopefully have some extra copies
made for reserve, and it's possible to make more afterwards, but it's
easier to do things upfront. Later on (possibly delayed a couple years
and/or incomplete due to copyright issues), I'll also try to make a
couple sets of it availble through the ILL system, so that they can be
checked out from any participating library worldwide.

Misc. conference info:

1. I'm still waiting on word from people who can host. If this
includes you (or could), let me know - especially if you're on the
east coast USA. So far I have heard from three people saying that they
can maybe do it, but those have been quite tentative. I'd like to have
a plausible venue set by November and confirmed by December.

If anything, I'm fairly sure that Berkeley is a potential for next
year; I know that the funding is available (iff it's held at
Berkeley), and it would be mostly a matter of getting enough people to
help with the backend support. However, it would be preferable to have
an alternating-coasts setup, as that would draw a wider audience, be
more tempting to European residents (maybe start calling it the
"*International* Language Creation Conference"?), and just generally
spread the conlanging love. :-)

2. I haven't received any rec. letters. :-( But then again, I haven't
sent out my thanks letters either (for lack of a printer until just
recently, plus hectic personal life), and I know that some of my
physical mail has been bouncing weirdly when it oughtn't, so I don't
know whether it's 'cause noone sent any or for some other reason.

Anyhow, if you can (and think it's deserving thereof), please send me
a written letter of recommendation/recognition/however you phrase it -
just a physical version of what I've gotten from you in email or in
person, that I can put on my wall or show to potential employers or
show to professors / media / whatever in the future (for grad school
or as part of negotiating the sponsorship of future LCCs). Thanks

3. In case you missed it earlier, the conference is being aired (as a
miniseries) on Hawaiian TV. See for details.



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