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Re: I'm baaaaaack!

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, September 2, 1999, 2:39
Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> wrote:
> > I'm back! So, what's been going on?
Really not much, I guess. The list has been relatively quiet. See if you can do something about that. :) I guess we're all very busy these days. Except maybe Christophe, who has done a lot about his new language. I posted a translation exercise (a poem by J. L. Borges) but I don't think anyone tried it yet... And at least two people have presented us with phonologies up for criticism. BTW did you change your ISP?
> I've been working on W. a bit, but not a whole lot. I've also been > experimenting around with various ideas for another conlang, which will > be the Traders' Language, I've already given a few early ideas here.
We'll see some of that soon, I hope. Did you just take a nomail break to work on your langs, or did Real Life come and fetch you? :) Your absence has been noticed. As well as the Rempts', Sally's, and Ray's and many others'... Are you.PL there? Maybe it's your summer vacations. --Pablo Flores (winter holidays already over, waiting for a sunny but wet Spring)