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Clothing terminology

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 11, 2004, 15:28
I'm entering the lexicon entries for Ebisédi clothing, and I'm stuck with
what word to use in the English glosses. Since I'm obviously ignorant of
the intricacies of habilatory[*] terms, I'm asking fellow list-members to
help. What is the best English term(s) that can be used to describe the
following items?

1) A main garment made of two halves, each in the shape of a half-torso,
   an arm and a leg. Some kind of "body suit", I suppose, but is there a
   better term for this?

2) Something draped around the shoulders (or attached to the main garment
   at the shoulders), with a triangular flap(?) covering the chest, the
   tip of which joins with article #3 at the waistline.

3) Something worn around the waist, with a triangular (sometimes
   hexagonal) flap(?) that hangs over the groin area, optionally with a
   matching flap(?) in the back. Sorta like a fancy sash, perhaps? Or a


[*] Don't bite me, I just found that word on google. :-P


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