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[Fwd: TECH: software for recording your voice]

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 30, 1999, 17:14
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Somehow, this didn't seem to show up on Conlang.
If if did, I apologize for the double posting.
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Mia Soderquist wrote:
> I thought that I would throw my 2 cents in on this. I have > Realplayer G2, and haven't had any more problems with Netscape > than I had before anyway.
Do you have RealProducer G2?
> > I like MP3's for sound quality, but I think they are somewhat > larger than real audio files and real audio is so widely used > that it seems a good choice for putting on the Web.
Hi, Mia. I just downloaded RealProducer G2's freeware. It seems that you have to have RealPlayer G2 (I have RealPlayer Plus) in order to hear what you've recorded. If I download RealPlayer G2, does that replace my Plus? Seems weird, because I paid money for the Plus, and the G2 is free. Will it give me all the same capabilities? Questions and gripes: 1) only works with RealPlayer G2. Not a difficult problem; just more downloading. But before I download, I want to know what happens with the Plus. 2) I have windows98, which puts a bar across the bottom. There seems to be no way to make the RealProducer Screen any smaller (the enlarge/reduce icon at the upper right hand corner is faded out, so you can either hide the screen or close it out--not make it smaller). As a consequence, the bar at the bottom completely obscures the controls for "record" "play" "stop" which are way down there. No arrow keys. CRIKE!! Fortunately, there is a controls bar next to Edit at the top of the screen, but this is a major annoyance. 3) RealProducer seems to want to save my file with the extension .rm instead of .wav. Is this a problem? I think so. Can I make it a .wav extension manually? Who can read .rm? I think I'm beginning to see what Boudewijn meant by "closed." Mia, what is your advice about all this? Why is it .rm and not .ra? 4) I could experiment, but not until I download RealPlayer G2. Does RealPlayer G2 allow me to read .wav files, Mia? I assume so. Thanks in advance, Sally --------------8EBCEC3DCAFE8A69816BDCE2--