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CHAT: reduced vowels in English (was: -i/yse vs -i/yze in England)

From:Anton Sherwood <bronto@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 9:12
> > Tristan Alexander McLeay wrote: > > > Any (semi-)official publication will *definately* use the -ise > > > spellings.
> Irina Rempt wrote: > > And it will definitely use "definitely" :-)
Tristan Alexander McLeay wrote:
> All I can say to that is `Damn schwa'.
Not all dialects equate all reduced vowels. I *think* that my schwa in these two words would be /E/- and /I/-colored respectively, but maybe I'm only hearing what I want to hear. (I only recently noticed that I say /@j, @w/ at least sometimes.) This relates* to my main gr@jp about the new Oxford English Dictionary. The old one used something like a "diaphonic" notation, which shows a phonemic distinction if any dialect makes it, never mind if some dialects pronounce two or more symbols alike. The new dictionary shows the standard dialect in IPA -- making it a Dictionary of Oxford English. * retlates? restlates? -- Anton Sherwood --


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