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Re: conlang greetings? (was Re: Let me introduce myself)

From:jogloran <exponent@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 5, 2001, 11:08
I have some very nice Japanese friends, and some things about the
and language are **fascinating** but Japanese food is ICKY!!!  Sushi,
sashimi, miso soup BLAGHHHH!!!!!  The only good Japanese foods I've
had are
tempura and WASABI!!!!!  I LOVE wasabi.

Eek! Raw fish is one of my favourites! Miso soup is also nice to me :) Tell me one thing though, how can you like wasabi without liking sushi or sashimi? I mean, what do you put it on? :) :) Anyway, for the bloody 157th time, I'm going to use the heavily clichéed phrase, "Chacun à son goût". There! I said it! :) Imperative