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Re: conlang greetings? (was Re: Let me introduce myself)

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Thursday, November 29, 2001, 10:28
On 29 Nov, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:

> Okay, anyone else?
I'm in! :-) In rtemmu, one would greet someone with: "va'i ygiha!" ( ' = glottal stop) va'i = emotion marker, signalling that the following is an emotional outburst ygiha = the process of happiness If one wanted to be more specific, one would use an expanded version: "va'i wuh mhu auag kehs ygiha!" wuh = unknown rate of change of the following process; mhu = "2nd person singular" process (the process of being the only focus of the speaker's attention); one could also use "zhu" (the process of being among many listeners, but the only one the speaker cares about) or "mhuhu" (the process of being a group of listeners) or "zhuhu" (the process of being a group of intended addressees among a larger group of listeners), among others; auag = assertion that the following should be added to the preceding; kehs = the following (ygiha) is objectively developing at a "normal" rate;
> I'll collect greetings in people's conlangs and > compile them onto my website (with permission, of course).
You have mine. :-)
> If you'd also > like to send in a link to your own conlang webpages as accompaniment, I > can include those as well.
Sorry, I'm still website-challenged at this point.
> > Tasratal and Czevraqis don't have greetings at all, which is really > pathetic, and ought to be remedied when I'm not coming down with
> :-p
va'i ktitak! (Be well!) Dan Sulani (who just submitted the form, signed by the doctor, for the days he was out of work due to illness recently! ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a. A word is an awesome thing.


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