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Re: conlang greetings? (was Re: Let me introduce myself)

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, December 1, 2001, 11:25
--- Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> wrote:
> Okay, anyone else? I'll collect greetings in > people's conlangs and > compile them onto my website (with permission, of > course). If you'd also > like to send in a link to your own conlang webpages > as accompaniment, I can include those as well.
Here are some greetings/phrases in Vyh. (Vya:a:h). Sorry, but the Enclave (ie, Vya:a:hn People) still do not understand the concept of parting - so there's no "goodbye"... vo - hi hyyva:aze - good morning hyyva:voa - good day hyyva:noxdj - good evening hyyva:voaazenoxdj - hello (anytime) hyyva:noxdjoo - may you have a good evening hyyva:voaa:a: - may you have a good day hyyva:azeoo - may you have a good morning glhL - thanks glhox - no, thanks hy'yyglhL - many thanks glhLczosh - thank you hy'yyglhLczosh - thank you so much mitox kuuld? - how are you? mitox kuult? - how are you? (plural) kuuln hyve - I'm doing fine kuuln pahuu - I'm doing so well miLuusL tauxld? - where do you come from? tauxln oerthuusL - I'm from earth tauxlnaf Vaa:vy'yyuusL - I'm not from Vaa:vy'yy miLuusd olm? - where are we now? olm Vaa:vy'yyuusd - we're in Vaa:vy'yy myymoo - lit. "may you kiss" - regards (colloq.) wa - bland, stabilized hy'yy - [honorific] hy'yywa - peace hy'yywaa:a:! - (may you have) peace! Vya:a:h puhd? - do you speak Vya:a:h? OErthuusda:a:h puhd? - do you speak an earth language? puhnaf - I don't (speak) a:a:h yygsn - I love language(s) sa:m yygsn - I adore you (*but not "I love you") rrhaux'yyitauxlnaf oerthuusL - - I didn't arrive from earth misox ooeoll shenloe? - - why do beings lurking about in existence? ooeollaf shenloe, yyioll! - - being don't (lurking about), they exist! hauskk'tuloa Vaa:vy'yy L! - welcome to Vaa:vy'yy! YYiiila:a:L, hauskk'tuloa Vaa:vy'yy L iila:a:L, tauxlv voe'theiLdj L voe'rrhauxLdj L. (YYiilääL, hauskk'tuloa Vaävy'yy L iilääL, tauxlv shenloedj voe'theiLdj L voe'rrhauxLdj L.) The men and women of the Vyäähn People come to bestow greetings and say "Welcome to Vaävy'yy". Matt33 __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Buy the perfect holiday gifts at Yahoo! Shopping.


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