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Re: OT: PC vs. MAC (was:TECH: HELP!! idiotic keyboard problem)

From:Joseph B. <darkmoonman@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 19:38
Folks, it all depends on which branch of science, and what the scientist is
. collecting data in real time & analysing it? I'd pick an RT version of
Linux on a pc with tightly-written hardware & software focused on the method
of collection and number crunching.
. analysing & synthesizing written text? I'd pick Windows XP on a pc with
hardware & software focused on storage with data-mining (a 3rd party
indexing feature, etc.)
. creating & displaying data symbolically (charts, diagrams, etc.), I'm pic
OS/X on a Mac.

>> FWIW, my experience is that artistics and humanistics types tend to
>> Macs, whereas maths/science/tech types tend to prefer Windows, Unix
>> Linux. > >I only know what I read in the papers: >"The problem: Although many U.S. scientists and others depend on >graphics-friendly Macintosh computers, the software selected by the >government is not Mac-compatible." > >The whole article is here: (registration-- but no >$$-- required for WaPo)
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