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word generator

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 21, 2000, 17:27
I've just written a word generator in Java, that, while much more complex
than some I've previously written, seems also much better. It only spits
out words at the moment, but once I get file i/o figured out in Java I'll
see if it can (try to) spit out entire languages.

Some sample output:
dredh mina klufie mapratiu zhamu midhizhi zhutrardh ampo duthrazrib
sholiumpevu leroib zrinterfrozh simba mumbler olbrava hlublazir zhoink

Normally, I name a generator after the first word it spits out. However,
I'm hesitant to call it "test" "p???" or "pipi". (Or worse,
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException :P)

--Keolah the Seeker--
May your magic never falter.