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Re: Quick sound change plot

From:Andy Canivet <cathode_ray00@...>
Date:Friday, June 14, 2002, 19:01
>From: Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...> > >Andy sekalge: > >Your Very Basic Root List... how did you compile it? I'm making my >first > >one and I just wondered if it is supposed to be such a pain in the >butt... > >It is a pain in the butt if you try to do a lot at once. Think of >abstracts (not necessarily things you can't touch or see, just things >that encompass more than one object; television would be a bad example, >and valley / lowland / river would be a good example). Once you have a >bunch of abstracts listed one at a time, think which ones would be >linked. An easy link would be "mother" and "kind, gentle". Not all of >them must be linked, but many will be. > >Just be very general. Then, when you make words from the VBRL (tm), >combine different roots and radically alter them. > >I'm a novice giving people advice. It's the lame leading the blind.... > >Laimes, >Wright.
On the contrary - that helps a lot. I've wondered if it wouldn't be easier to go one step at a time... my approach so far has been to compile lists of roots. I started by creating a list of root concepts, based mostly on a few key Chinese terms I needed for my language. Later, I took the Longman defining vocabulary and started grouping terms by part of speech. Verbs and nouns remained what they were, but if I could find terms that were related (eg. to agree, agreement, agreeable), then I put them in a single record in my spreadsheet and called it a root. It was taking _FOREVER_ - and I hadn't even gotten to combining synonyms into a single term. So I put that on hold and tried a different approach - I looked for lists of greek and latin root words on the net. When I found a few that looked pretty comprehenseive, I put them all together in a spreadsheet. This method looks much more promising - since I was working with roots to begin with instead of whole words, the initial list wasn't so damn big; it was also nice because I could begin to see the roots of English. Its still taking a while, however (eliminating duplicate entries, and categorizing them to track duplicate meanings). < I don't have a website, but I plan to put the list on the net when it's finished, if anybody is interested in hosting it > Your suggestion is apt - I perhaps have bitten off a bit more than I can chew; starting small and making roots as I need them would be easier. I am just worried that I would end up having to re-invent vocablulary.... oh... but that could be good because as I added new roots that would be a source of new synonyms and the language would be more natural... hmmm.... I must think about this... Andy _________________________________________________________________ Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger: