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List of natlangs

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Saturday, November 14, 1998, 13:30
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Od: Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
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Data: 12 listopada 1998 04:25
Temat: Re: List of natlangs (was Re: Orthography Question)

>> Danish >> English >> French >> German >> Hindi >> Icelandic >> Japanese >> Norwegian >> Portuguese >> Spanish >> Swedish > >Here's what I can add: > >Basque: >Country: Euskadi (stress on ultimate syl) >Language: Euskara/Euskera >Person: Euskaldun > >Hungarian: magyar (gy =3D palatalised d) >Country: Magyarorsz=E1g (=E1 =3D long, open a) >Language, Person: magyar > >Votic: vad,d,aa (d, =3D d with a comma under it =3D Hungarian gy) >Country: vad,d,amaa (aa =3D long a, as in father; a =3D same, but short) >Person: vad,d,alain, vad,d,ako >Language: vad,d,aa c^eeli (c^ =3D c-hachek) > >Bashkir/Bashkortostan >
poland: polska person: polak (female: polka) lang/adj: polski (fem adj. polska, netutr. polskie) ireland:e'ire(e:ri) person:e'ireannach (e:r@n@x) lang: gaeilge (gelin') - n' - palatalised n (AFAIK writing and pronountiation may be different in different dialects = - i wrote it in _an mhumhain_ - munster?? dialect) greece: 'ella'da person: male: 'e'llEnas, 'e'llEn female: 'ellEni'da, 'ellEni's lang, adj: 'ellEniko's i have used roman equivalents of greek letters E-is eta: historically lon= g e, but now pronounced as i (AFAIR) '- historical breathing, not changes pronountiation in modern greek a'-stressed a o'-stressed 0 e'-stressed e china: chung kuo (?) chung guo vietnamese lang: tieng viet (with some diacritics...) isn't the best way of borrowing such names is take one of them (e.g. cont= ry name), and make rest in regular way... -- lucasso