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Weekly vocab. 11 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 13, 2003, 10:40
1. restaurant - yundrahan (place-eat) or pundahan (house-eat), for now
Where might I find a good restaurant?
riyena kuna matromat pundahan re leñ?
where maybe I-find .... REL. good

2. food - andahan < nahan 'eat' (colloq. tahan)
What sort of food would I find there?
kandraya andahan iyambal riyan?
what-kind food they-serve there

3. to order (food) - nuça
"Do you know what you would like to order?"
High-class establishment:
aka simbi/lumbi yakaya kar yameloto yanuça?
Q Sir/Madame 3s-know that-which 3s-want-fut 3s-order

Normal: aka hakaya kar melo(to) hanuça?
Less formal: kayatika, kandri melo hanuça?

In a dump:  ena, aka meloti? so, whaddya want? (colloq., misuse of aka for

4 intestines, guts - ombrum (om 'basis' + prum 'belly')
I almost lost my appetite when I saw the platter heaped with pig intestines.
morani me cakaçamat anju ifilan tahanji yu mepu ombrum lopa
near/of-it me/dat overcome-by-disgust when they-brought dish/preparation
that made(of) ... lopa

5. salad - ?? hanekam 'leafy food'
manuçapo hanekamaç cukin i sukuku
I-order-just simple and carbonated-drink

6. waiter - kañap (agent n. ult. < ambal 'serve, offer')
kañap me yavele cumbate
... me/dat he-give "hard-eye" (glare, look at angrily)

7. to bring -- filan
He brought me what I asked for, though the servings were small.
me yafilan kar manuça, mowa andonjini yamimik
me/dat he-brought what I-order, but portion-its 3s-small
(andonji nomlz. < nonji 'scoop/ladle up (food)')

8.hungry - omal
ombi anje mawomal, kuna macosa yundrahan liya
because still I-hungry, maybe I-go restaurant other
(I think I'll make a suffix -ce < anje, then it would be "mawomalce'
probably [ma'omandZe] or colloq. [ma'omat:Se])

9. to belch - pokrop (more emphatic with ca-)
On the way, I belched loudly
ri vununi, narak ma(ca)pokrop
LOC direction-its, loud I-belch

10. to stare - vele içun 'give eye' (colloq. probably veliçun [ve'ljiSun])
Several people stared oddly at me.
anika kaç me vele içun ehas
several people me/dat give eye strange