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THEORY: dispensing with part-of-speech categories

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Thursday, April 22, 1999, 21:43
>===== Original Message From ===== >well, I'm impresse with your skills to make these things clear. Thanks a
lot.. Thanks much. :)
><< this is a good example of the tendency of meanings to end up in different > parts of speech than we might expect, which conlangs like AllNoun exploit by > pushing it to the extreme. >> > >I feel they (among whom I ) exploit something called experience. I see ducks >waddling and tables supporting bottles and rarely the reverse, and I kind of >think it may be of some importance when you speak of ducks, tables and maybe >even of bottles and so on although loglangers would claim to the contrary I >guess ;-). And I only know two kinds of processes : those with a finis and >those without a finis. And I only know two kinds of finis : a retrospective >one and a prospective one. Whether these are expressed "inside" the pleremes >(call them a verb then) with a specific semanteme or "outside" the pleremes >(call them nouns then) with a specific ceneme, I don't care very much >anymore, but I find it very interesting to read yall's own experience about >all that on this thread.
I would be interested to hear more about what you mean by processes with and without a finis, and about restrospective vs. prospective finis. I think what you have said about "experience" is probably the same as a very important fact about language that I have been interested in: the degree to which background knowledge and context enter into the interpretation of even very simple sentences. I suspect that in reality there is only one rule for interpreting any language, and that is: "blend together the meanings of the constructions and words *with common sense, general knowledge, and context*, which is what I think you mean by "experience." Ed -- **************************************************** Ed Heil ..................... **************************************************** "Koy tse tl'an tse tum gen nekom payaw; ts'enra me hlay man yatam." "The noble nation of Atlantis is greatest among men; And its reign shall extend unto eternity." (from a Linear P inscription.) ****************************************************