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A phonology

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Friday, July 25, 2003, 9:31
Here's a phonology I thought up in connection with my state-based language
idea (the one I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, which has only one part of
speech and one syntactical rule).

Syllable structure


Where O is an onset consonant and C is a coda consonant. Codas are about
twice as common as onsets.

Onset Consonants

Possible onset consonants consist of the nasals
m       n       ng
[m]     [n]     [N]
and the approximants
w       r       l       y       ll
[w]     [4]     [l]     [j]     [5]


Vowels are
i       a       u
[i]     [&]     [u]
Where two vowels occur adjacently within a word, they must be different.

Coda consonants be any of the following stops
p       b       t       d       c       gc      k       g       q       qh
[p]     [b]     [t]     [d]     [c]     [J\]    [k]     [g]     [q]     [G\]

Or any of the fricatives
ph      bh      þ       ð       sh      j       lh      x       gh      h
[p\]    [b\]    [T]     [D]     [S]     [Z]     [K]     [x]     [G]     [h]

I've got an auto generated list of 2000 works created using this phonology,
which I'll send off-list to anyone who wants to see it.



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