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Utopian Languages

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 11, 2003, 5:16
Mi cofaniaunex do rymbax [mi k@faJoneS d@ r1mbaS] (friends of language),
I have been reading about utopias and utopian languaages - in particular,
the way that later editions omit the linguistic sections as "non-essential".
One in particular caught my eye, the Sevarambian of Denis Veiras or Vairasse
in "L'Histoire des Sevarambes". I was wondering whether there were websites
that laid out these languages - utopian ones in general and Sevarambian in
particular. Perhaps some of the French persons on this list have heard of
appropriate sites that are not googleable?
C'adiobon do dibin, Towyl [kadj@b@n di dibin] (with the help of God,

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