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TECH: Unicode ranges in various fonts (was Re: ML4)

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, November 20, 2003, 13:31
John Cowan scripsit:

> Isaac Penzev scripsit: > > > John Cowan may enlighten us Re this matter, but I'm afraid > > t-with-comma-below is not treated well in the present state of Unicoded > > applications... > > Here's the story.
[skips the story]
> so the unification was pointless but official.
Thank you for this nice piece of information. That's almost exactly what I thought while writing to Steve.
> In Unicode versions up to 2.1, this unification was maintained, but in > Unicode 3.0, the Romanian characters were added. The bogus t with cedilla > could not be removed, of course, due to the Unicode stability policies. > > > Why? I use Arial Unicode MS (here at the office), and the word looks > > perfect! > > Note that AUMS is a Unicode 2.1 font and is not being maintained.
Aha! That's why I couldn't see "t with comma below", using AUMS! Anyway, that's the only font I find convenient (and readable) for covering the most of Unicode ranges I use... Thryomanes is great too, but I wish Herman could add Hebrew, Armenian and Georgian characters to newer versions.
> You > might want to look at Code2000; in the realm of Latin and Greek character, > Gentium is also an excellent font (Cyrillic coming soon).
Oh yes, I've got them both. Code2000 covers almost everything, but looks ugly (I don't know about registered version, because I have no e-money; you may remember our discussion re this topic half a year ago) and lacks hinting. Gentium is really excellent, so I'm waiting for adding Cyrillic range impatiently! I know I can't have all ranges in one font. At my home comp I have no AUMS, so I have to use Lucida Sans Unicode (which is Unicode 1.0 font only, isn't it?) to see at least IPA. Fortunately, my mail client at home is OE6 which seems to make substitutions, so I'm able to see Armenian and Georgian characters. But if I need a Cyrillic non-Russian character from U+04C0 - U+04FF range (e.g. "barred o" U+04E9), I get a box! But if I change the font to e.g. Microsoft Sans Serif or Palatino Linotype or any WinCore fonts, I loose IPA! Arghhh! Any suggestions? -- Yitzik


John Cowan <cowan@...>