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Date:Monday, March 14, 2005, 5:08
I've read about the antipassivization prossess and I'm not sure how it works

I've tried a way to represent it involving the four places in the sentence:
subject, direct object, indirect object, and complement with the three kinds
of arguments: agent, patient, reciever(dative)

(I'll include experiencer in the agent because nom-acc and erg-abs dont
really make the difference as I've understand)

This is the way I see it so tell me if I'm wrong: I post it to learn and I
can't learn if my mistakes are not revealed ;-)

S  = subject
Do = direct object
Io = indirect object
C  = complement
Ag = agent
Pa = patient
R  = reviever (the one to whom the action is made but I dont know if "I" is
called dative in sentences like "I've been gave a present", but you probably
understand what I mean)


S      Io       Do
I read you this book
Ag     B        Pa

S  Ag
Do Pa
Io B
C  -

“Basic form”

Agentive Passive

     S               Io      C
This book is read to you (by me)
     Pa              B       Ag

S  Pa
Do –
Io B
C  Ag


Non-agentive Passive

S                 Do       C
You are read this book (by me)
B                 Pa       Ag

S  B
Do Pa
Io –
C  Ag


That’s how I understand these concepts but now: how is made the

I’ve read that the direct object becomes a complement because it is the
central argument of the ergative languages

So it would probably have


But will the Subject and the indirect object stay as they are leaving an
hole in the direct object place, the principal argument in these argative
languages, or will one of the arguments take its place like




I think the first is more plausible because here, the nominative is the
central argument and the accusative drops so if the absolutive is the
central argument the ergative probably does so..

May you, great knowledgeful people, explain me how works that concept I've
still been unable to aquire? :-)


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