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From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 0:03
On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 18:22:25 -0800 Sally Caves <scaves@...>
> elaborate. And those years in my teens where I spent every > leisure hour working on my model "city." It wasn't even three > dimensional. > It was all mapped out. Maps and maps and maps. Does anyone have > any hobby > comparable? I wonder, now, if the map-making and the house plans > have > some cognitive/creative link with conlanging? These aren't > argumentative > projects, nor are they even really visual. Designing space ships... > I see > a lot of people doing this.
> ============================================================ > SALLY CAVES >
. My brother, who helped start (and then abandoned) my/our first conlang, ool-Nuziiferoi, has a series of about 20-25 maps of a place i call "Alan's World". It is definitely tied in to conlanging - he even invented the basic sketches of language for the names of places in his maps. For instance: The language of the (low-tech) country of Iq uses _-i_ as an adjective suffix. Iq is bounded on the ocean by a large bay called Port Iqi. In the language of Kexomlure, the ending [ur] means a country/land, and [@n] means a body of water 'belonging' to that land. The river that runs through Kexomlure is called Kexomluren. One of the colonies of Kexomlure on the Southern Continent is called Zexomjour. Next to it is another country, Zexomjouren - which revolted from the totalitarian Zexomjour government and seceded. Why the _-en_? Because it's in a Netherlands-like lowland area, which would be flooded if they didn't have seawalls. There are four countries that make up the Sihil Square. Probably once one nation, they split up according to the compass directions: Drishtasihil = east Sihil Findayourishihil = west Sihil Nimyajaiasihil = south Sihil Saiyasihil = north Sihil There are also countries/places near eachother with similar names: Latatu-Dinan and Latatu-Sidan Kasana and Kasana-D'Cotto Xatian Sea and Exatia Yahil and Tanhil Shorea Channel and Shoriakalea Saian and Saian-Liqua Inshin Ocean and Inshiñola (all diacritics besides eñes dropped) Also, part of the sparse conhistory of Alan's World reached its way into Rokbeigalmki. The explorer Kaylauk, who "discovered" the Southern Continent for the people of the Northern Continent, had children/followers who founded the mountainous country of Kaylautia. _keilauk_ in Rokbeigalmki means "explore". -Stephen (Steg) "...and still the nights in Canaan are beautiful before the sun rises..." ~ _hora_