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Word Processors

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, May 7, 2006, 1:05
Paul Bennett wrote:
> I'm looking for a Word Processor for Windows that supports Unicode planes > other than the BMP. > > The copy of MS Word that I have (with Office XP Pro) refuses to even let > me select a Plane 1 font (Code 2001), and pastes Plane 1 characters in as > the "No such character" rectangle regardless of the fonts in the source > app or in itself.
Not sure I understand what your problem is (what is a Plane 1 font?) but my version of MS Word (2000 I think) has no problems AFAICT. I've even created my own shortcuts, e.g. Left-Alt+? makes glottal stop. A previous version of Word (and one of Ooo.1) for a while allowed me to type in the Unicode no., then hit IIRC Control-x, and the char. would magically appear. That function stopped working for unknown reasons. My present versions don't seem to have it.
> > I'm downloading Ooo 2.0.2 right now, but if that doesn't cope well, I'd > love to get recommendations from the list.
I'm not wild about Ooo, though for various reasons I use it for a lot of stuff (for ex., it includes MS Ref Serif font, lacking in MSWord). It can be very quirky (e.g. page numbering and other tasks that ought to be straighforward). If you can find and/or visit their FAQ and help pages, you'll see that the same questions keep popping up; a lot of people seem really frustrated by it. (The instructions for page numbering they sent me were ridiculously complex, but did enable me to figure out a simpler way.) I haven't had occasion to forward docs in Ooo to others, so don't know how they might appear on other computers. I do recall that Word Perfect stuff was unreadable by many. WP is more cumbersome than either Word or Ooo w.r.t. special chars, but does have one wonderful feature called "reveal codes".


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