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TECH: Switching to a better e-mail program

From:Peter Ara Guekguezian <kode-conlangs@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 1:15
The e-mail address I'm using now is definitely not optimal for a list.
Thus, I will find a new address specifically for this list.

Two Questions:

1) What is a good (& free) e-mail service to use for the list? (i.e., one
that automatically sorts different threads)

2) Is there any easy way to switch addresses, besides the obvious one of
cancelling CONLANG-LIST at this address and subscribing at the new one?
Or, can I just tell the 'listserv' the new address I wish to use for this

Your help is appreciated!

-Peter Ara Guekguezian (a.k.a. kodé)


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