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Re: CHAT wi' (was: Thorn vs Eth)

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Saturday, July 13, 2002, 15:20
> > Barbara Blithered; > > So /T/ becomes /t[/ and /D/ becomes /d[/. To the unpractised ear they > > all sound like /d/.
> Nik Niggled; > Is that /t[/ unaspirated? Because otherwise, I can't see why it would > be mistaken for /d/ rather than /t/.
First I'm not sure we're using the same ASCII/IPA transcription system. But BTAIM the dental t's and d's of hibernian english are almost plosives. The enitre accent is what folk call "soft" it has a whispered quality in which much voicing disapears. So the dental t is a very "hard" sound in the context of the whole accent (one does not here phenomes in isolation after all :-)). The very first time I went to Dublin I was only 12 years old (1966) and my mum tried to drum bit of culture into me by taking me on a guided bus tour of the capitol. As we we coming up to Trinity College the Guide grabed the mike and when into his routine about the college and its famous library. My jaw dropped when he said "When Trintiy College Library was founded they had only thirty books", because in my unfamiliararity with the dublin accent I thought he'd said "dirty books" ;-) Barbara