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[Slaviconlang] Anyone have the actual sound change rules for early Slavic?

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 10:19
Amanda Babcock Furrow skrev:
 > As an exercise in naturalistic sound change design, I'm
 > trying to implement the sound change rules for Early
 > Slavic through Proto-Slavic as described in Frederik
 > Kortlandt's "From Proto-Indo-European to Slavic", but I am
 > finding some of them too vague to usefully implement. For
 > example, in his section 5.6 "final s" goes to h, but then
 > in 5.9 we encounter "raising before final s". Apart from
 > the issue of where these final s's come from that are
 > conditioning the raising, I am unable to tell from the
 > relevant paragraph which vowels are raising, and to what
 > they have been raised.
 > In short, does anyone know where I can find these rules
 > already written in X -> Y / Z_ format? Or is this period
 > of the development of Slavic still more art than science,
 > with no sufficiently clear sound change rules having been
 > established to support such a formalization?

It just ain't the comparatist habit to use such notation,
but the book by Carlton listed below is pretty clear anyway
(Because it is meant to be a freshman course).

I've been trying to digest the contents into Henrik's SCH
format, which is based on the X -> Y / Z_ format, with
additional sections for Slvanjek and Chuzhde of course, but
haven't had the time so far.


Contains manual/syntax description. (Henrik, you should
really make the manual available in non-compressed format!)

An example:


 > Thanks, Amanda

Terence R. Carlton "Introduction to the Phonological History
of the Slavic Languages" <>

Also, not seen by me:

"Common and comparative Slavic : phonology and
inflection : with special attention to Russian, Polish,
Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian" by Charles Edward
Townsend; Laura A Janda <>

Both perhaps unincidentally from the same publisher...

/BP 8^)>
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