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Conlang fluency (Drúni)...long

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Thursday, May 10, 2001, 22:48
Concerning fluency in Druni:

I have decided to test myself and see how many Drúni roots I actually know.  
When I get those results I will let you all know.  If I have been overly 
optimistic I'll be really embarassed :-(

I think that fluency has a lot to do with the purpose and method that were 
used in the creation of a language.

Druni was not created to be unique, different, or to test any liguistic 
theory or hypothesis.  I created Druni in order to draw together into one 
language as many of the features that I knew of and liked in other languages. 
 Having no formal training in linguistics I am sure that I have violated 
various strictures but I can only say that I did what I liked.

I created each word individually.  It had to sound right and react right in 
various grammatical situations: i.e. according to my esthetic tastes.  This 
led me to a greater familiarity with each word from the start.  I never used 
any word generating program and the growth of the considerable Druni lexicon 
was painfully slow.  But essentially I did learn it as I went along.

I usually created a word in the nominative form.  When I was satisfied with 
it I tested it in the nine case forms both singular and plural. This is a 
total of eighteen forms.  I had to be pleased with each result before the 
word was accepted.

The Druni grammar, too, was a bringing together of all the linguistic 
features that I knew of and liked in other languages.  It all had to work 
together in a way that I found esthetically pleasing before it was accepted.

A long explanation, a very subjective attitude on my part, but that is how I 
did it and I think this led to a quick fluency.  I never worried if things 
were overly familiar or borrowed.  I never agonized over whether I was too 
influenced by one language or another.  Hey! I'm doing this for fun and I did 
as I liked.

For better or for worse Druni is the result ;-)

Jim H