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Decomposed verbs (OOP-ish but applies to any lang)

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, December 22, 2003, 19:16
I was wondering is there are any conlangs that do
without certain verbs by decomposing them into smaller
pieces.  For example, (in OOP-sytle ABLE):

The verb "give":

        WHAT:book.Color( red )

can actually be done away with by decomposing it into
smaller constituent effects:

    thisBook Is( book.Color( red ))
       Not[ John.Own( thisBook )]
       Mary.Own( thisBook )

Or: "About this red book, John caused himself not to
own it and caused Mary to own it."

The questions are, what minimum set of verbs suffices
to express all other verbs?  Just as "Own" can replace
"Give" in the example above, which verbs are
primative, or elemental in that they cannot be