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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Jim Taylor <friartuk@...>
Date:Sunday, March 25, 2001, 2:33
<< Volapuk (I know it's very outdated and a bit strange,

but I think it's got great character!) >>

<No!  I thought I'd never hear another living soul speak (or, in this case,
write) that word ever again!  Are there still books on the language?  Are
there actually people who speak it?  I could've sworn all the Esperantists
would've gotten to them and "resolved" them by now.  Oh, how the world

Indeed Volapuk is alive and kicking! Although the number of speakers is only
a tiny fraction of those of Esperanto and even Ido, Interlingua and the
other more popular IALs, we're still an enthusiastic bunch who think the
language is still worth keeping going and being used. A lot of useful
information about Volapuk can be found at

Jim Taylor