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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Jim Taylor <friartuk@...>
Date:Friday, March 23, 2001, 8:59
>Since the whole issue of American and English speakers and Canadian and
such came up, why doesn't everybody say where there from, what languages they speak, and something else of interest? My name's Jim Taylor. I'm from Yorkshire, England. How I describe where I'm from depends on how local or general I want to be - in the following order: Yorkshireman (we have our own distnct dialect and identity), English, British, European, Terran! I'm 38, a graduate in Music and Russian studies and am now a teacher. At the moment I live in the Middle East but will be moving to Mexico in September. I studied French, Latin and Greek at school, and Russian at university, but am always interested in learning new languages, including Spanish, Italian and Dutch. I have a strong interest in constructed languages and auxiliary languages, especially Volapuk (I know it's very outdated and a bit strange, but I think it's got great character!) and Esperanto, which I enjoy speaking and using regularly. My own constructed language is Xara, which I've had a lot of fun developing and expanding over the last year or so. The web site is My musical tastes are very varied and I enjoy composing and playing music (piano, bassoon and viola). On the whole I enjoy listening to Classical and Baroque music most of all and some of my favourite composers are Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Stravinsky, Copland and Nyman. ----------- 'adajme taxonmeyir na xalevasme naron' (Someday whales will sing to dolphins)


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