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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 2:17
On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, L. Gerholz wrote:

> > Neat! I just got PAinter 6.1. There are way, way too many tools...I'm > > going to probably be the next 10 years figuring 'em out. But it's way > > fun. > > > > I adore this program! I've been learning Painter since I got Painter 4 > bundled with my digitizing tablet. I can hardly claim to know even most > of the tool, but I'm definitely finding ways to do what I want. Much of > the stuff at my Gallery page (accessible through the link below) was > done with Painter. That's what I've been doing lately instead of > conlanging.
Visited your gallery. Wow! Since I just finished watching Shoujo Kakumei Utena, the Utena fanart in particular was amusing and nicely done. :-) Really, really neat; how do you do it? (I would've visited earlier, but I wanted to get to back to cable modem before attempting to view artwork over the web...<G>) YHL