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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 14:11
On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 03:01:40 -0600, Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>

>David Peterson wrote: >> >> Since the whole issue of American and English speakers and Canadian and
such came up, why doesn't everybody say where there from, what languages they speak, and something else of interest?
> >I am Daniel Seriff, a 23 year-old (very nearly 24, on Apr. 16) Jewish >dude from northern Virginia, just outside the Beltway. I just moved to >Austin, TX 2 mos. ago, where I'll be starting a Masters in Musicology in >June. I've been in Nashville, TN for the last 6 years, the first 4 years >attending Vanderbilt University for a bachelors in music, the next 2 >trying to find my brain after it fell out sometime shortly after >graduation. Don't worry, I found it.
Hey Daniel, I was in Nashville for about 5 weeks last summer, so it's too bad I wasn't active on this list -- I might have met you (and maybe you could have found my brain for me, since you seem to have brain-finding experience).
>My main musical interests are classical, in case the Musicology major >wasn't a dead giveaway. As I'm typing, I'm listening to Mendelssohn >Symphony #3 (yum-yum!), but my tastes run from 12th century vernacular >songs all the way up to the music of my two composition professors at >Vanderbilt, with all the good stuff in between. I also compose quite a >bit; in fact, I just finished a major work about 2 weeks ago - a piece >for string sextet and piano. I play piano with moderate proficiency, and >I also sing when the mood strikes me. I also like a wide range of >non-classical music, from Metallica to Dido to They Might Be Giants to >Kol Simcha (a klezmer quartet out of Switzerland). In truth, I'll listen >to just about anything but hardcore country or rap.
I just turned 44 three days ago, and I also studied music (at Jacksonville Univ. (in Florida)). I majored in composition ("classical" and electronic), but haven't done much since 1983. My musical interests aren't quite as broad as yours -- medieval masses, some classic rock (but not most heavy metal), and a few other things. Right now I have 2 broken turntables, some cassette players that don't work right, and no sound card in my computer, so just about all I've listened to lately is my one CD (Essra Mohawk's Primordial Lovers MM) on a CD player borrowed from, coincidentally, a long time Essra Mohawk fan.
>My conlang projects are three: Mungayöd, Ylank, and Glïzxfööse. Mungayöd >is by far the most developed, with about 10 pages of lexical entries at >3 columns to the page in 10-point font. My conlanging is somewhat >stalled at the moment, but I've been concentrating on things musical >lately.
You're better off than I am; practically all my projects are stalled (or at best moving very slowly), not just my conlangs. I have 3 current conlang projects and only the not very serious one is named (Rubaga). Jeff
>Daniel Seriff


Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>