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Re: CHAT: General Question

From:Scott W. Hlad <scott@...>
Date:Saturday, March 24, 2001, 17:32
Well sorry friends I've been away from all recreational email since the
beginning of the week. I have over 400 messages in my Conlang folder. I
higly doubt I'll be reading them all. Too bad.

Though I'm late I'd still like to introduce myself.

I'm Scott Hlad and I live in Lacombe Alberta Canada. I'm married for 20
years in August and have 4 (count 'em 4) children. My wife understands and
supports my conlang interests and efforts. I was even teaching her the
numbers whilst we were playing dominoes the other night.

My mother tongue is American English but I am conversant in Canadian English
as well. Though I grew up in the States, I speak French as well. At least
well enough to be considered bi-lingual by Alberta standards. (If you're not
Canadian, you WON'T get that one.)

I also speak in varying degrees German, Czech, Polish. I can read Russian. I
even sang in Russian in a Russian church though I do not speak it. I think
the Cyrillic alphabet is beautiful. To get my ministerial degree, I learned
Koine Greek and Hebrew. Hebrew is a beautiful language to learn. As a
passing fancy in high school I learned Latin and then in University I also
studied Portuguese which was just out-and-out fun.

My current conlang project is Teran. I have stalled the publication of my
website at the moment ( to spend a significant amount
of time putting together the lexicon. This is a big job and thankfully I can
do it on the computer and organize it in Microsoft Access 2000 rather than
having to fumble with index cards as I have done in the past with other
conlang projects. I have had several small projects which have hit the trash
can years ago. One does remain in my mind called Kadingu. I took serious
abuse over this from my older sisters and it too has long since disappeared
over the passage of time.

I honestly don't think there is any connection between one's sexuality and
David Bowie so I won't comment on that :-)

Music. Well, I have studied the oboe and play the oboe d'amore and I am the
bass oboist for the Amoris Consort. My love of music is in the classics and
more specifically in the baroque. So JSB is right up there with Telemann and
Vivaldi. Also love much of what has come after them all right up to Aaron
Copeland, Leonard Salzedo, Edwin Carr (for all from NZ), Stravinsky and
Dvorak. Hardly an exhaustive list I assure you.

Scott Hlad

Scott W. Hlad

Ho teguho at ho so.

Si musica cibus amoris sit...pergite canere !

Teran, a Conlang


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