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Re: OT: consonant clusters...

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Sunday, January 4, 2004, 18:09
Robert Jung wrote at 2004-01-04 12:15:13 (-0500)

 > What words with insane consonant clusters should I include in my
 > assignment, then?? I'd like the best ones. (And in <...>, not
 > phonem/tic transcriptions.)

I'd suggest the Nuxalk one, which seems the most impressive to me.
Use the spelling on the PDF Estel linked to*, I think it's the closest
thing they've got to a standard orthography.  It may be difficult to
include it in an ordinary document, though.

* There's a paper by the same author on "Obstruent Clusters in
  Salish", which features the bunchberry example again, here:

"... A major type of empirical evidence for syllabification is default
vowel epenthesis.  Significantly, Nuxalk does not actively utilize
epenthesis as a general syllabification strategy.  However, several
other Salish languages do, including h@n'q'@min'@m' (Musqueam) which
is the focus of the present investigation..."