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Re: OT: Programmed/Hand made music (was: Random word generators)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Friday, June 17, 2005, 19:28
--- In, Chris Bates wrote:
>Having gone searching for some prog rock recently, I >listened to a sample of some Gentle Giant songs in the music shop. It's >not that they were too heavy... completely the opposite. The singing was >awful and the songs seemed too damn cheerful. How can you have cheerful >rock music?
Well, a lot of people do not realize that progressive rock needn't conform to the same limits as generic rock. As "progressive pop" would be something of an oxymoron, that seems to be by standard included in "progrock" too... ditto for categories like "prog-folk" or "prog-classic", sometimes "prog-electro" too. Not sure where GG falls on that spectrum. My father is a big fan of them, so I know they're considered very influental among progrockers themselves, but are also quite unknown to the more casual prog fans. Myself I have not listened as much of them, though I can certainly confirm the cheerfulness. --- In, "David J. Peterson" wrote:
>one guy a met at a party once mentioned he listened >to progressive rock, and I said I was a really big Dream Theater >fan. He gave me this look like I'd just said I loved the Back Street >Boys (Boyz?), and walked away.
Heh. Yeah, Dream Theater is not considered "pure" prog by many, but rather prog-metal hybrid. You mentioned King Crimson in an earlier post too - they should've been a safe name to drop, tho; they're, like, the archetypal prog band... John Vertical np: Love Loop / Fahrenheit (DJ Taucher Remix) _________________________________________________________________ 3 vrk:n sääennuste


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