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Weekly Vocab 1.1 & 1.2 - Morgenón

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Friday, December 13, 2002, 8:25
Here's what I've translated so far into Morgenón.  More to come as I finish
it.  As usual, I'd like to hear anyone's comments.

Aidan Grey's Weekly Vocab

1.1 & 1.2

--- 1.1 ---
1. birch (tree)
- cán

2. werewolf, lycanthrope of some variety
- garod folín
/ga4od folIn/
wolf man
No such concepts exists for the Unor people.

3. to save (money)
- háth

4. to conquer
- ilor

5. motif
- marós dwén
/marOs dwEn/
design.genitive element

--- 1.2 ---
1. forest
- foradín

   The forest is in that direction. (or "over there", said while pointing to
- Foradín rüthél.
/foradIn ryTEl/
forest there.locative

2. mushroom (edible)
- hoth

   I like mushrooms very much!
- D'irun hothor!
/d_di4un h8To4/
like.1st mushroom.entire
Nouns are inflected for number, one of the possible numbers being the
"entire" number, which in this case indicates mushrooms in general, but
intensely, as the speaker likes them "very much".

3. to look for something
- íslin

   I often go searching for mushrooms in the forest.
- Orud íslinanun hothan foradínün.
/o4ud Islinanun h8Tan fo4adInyn/
often seek.infinitive.1st mushroom.plural forest.inessive
The infinitive mood is also used for actions that are not currently taking
place, but take place in general, not specifically past or future tense.

4. to find something after searching for it
- rásén

   She kept the mushroom that I tripped over.
- Ilorum hoth gular tuldúcumun.
/ilo4um h8T gula4 tuldUkumun/
keep.past mushroom what.superessive trip.past.1st

5. base, bottom
- ünur

   At the base of which tree did you find that mushroom?
- Gul argónós ünurél rásénagumóst hoth?
/gul a4gOnOs yn_du4El 4{sEnagumOst h8T/
which tree.genitive base.locative find.interrogative.past.2nd mushroom

6. moss
- surúl

   There is no moss on the base of that tree.
- Surúloth bót argónós ünurar.
/surUl8T bOt argOnOs yn_du4a4/
moss.none is tree.genitive base.superessive

7. basket, bag
- tafas

   Put the mushroom in the basket.
- T'ilelóst hoth tafasünin.
/t_dilelOst h8T tafasynin/
put.optative.2nd mushroom basket.inessive.allative
The optative mood is used to make polite requests.

8. pine needles, leaves of a conifer
- walíl

   These baskets, the handles of which are made of pine needles, are useful.
- Tafasan gerolwen háftaronón lánót walílanwen.
/tafasan ge4olwen h{fta48nOn l{nOt walIlanwen/
basket.plural purpose-associative
handle.plural.3rdpossession.pluralpossession make-passive

9. each
- oror

   That is the woman to whom I give each of the mushrooms.
- Then ilín úníl hidulanun hothor.
/Ten ilIn UnIl hidYlanun h8To4/
she woman who.dative give.infinitive.1st mushroom.entire

10. always
- pádín

   I always go looking for mushrooms in the forest through which we walked
- Pádín íslinun hothan foradínün gulün cáthes erídumun.
always seek.1st mushroom.plural forest.inessive which.inessive now.temporal


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