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Re: Whisky (was Re: Swedish alphabet [was: Re: Spanish alphabet])

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Monday, September 27, 1999, 19:27
At 10:17 pm -0400 25/9/99, Nik Taylor wrote:
>Eric Christopherson wrote: >> It's also spelled that way, IIRC, in most English-speaking countries *except >> for* the US. Hmm. > >Actually, it's spelt BOTH ways in the US. Traditionally, whiskey is >from Scotland, whisky from elsewhere, or maybe it's the other way >around, I'm not sure.
'Tis the other way round :) 'Whisky' comes from Scotland. 'Whiskey' comes either from Ireland or North America. Getting the two confused can lead to hurt feelings - if not fisticuffs - this side of the pond. BTW 'Chwisgi' comes from Wales (not, alas, one its better products!) What happens to whiskies from other parts of the world (I understand, e.g. that there is a Japanese version), I know not. Also at 9:20 pm -0500 26/9/99, Brad Coon wrote: .....
> >It is the other way around generally although I have exceptions to >the rule on some American whiskeys.
Presumably American brands that use the spelling 'whisky' are deliberately trying to produce a taste closer Scottish varieties rather than north American or Irish varieties. Ray.