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Reconstruction challenge

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 8, 2006, 14:26
The table below shows subject/object prefixes for a fusional polysynthetic
language. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to find the
morphemes from which they are derived in the languages recent agglutinating
ancestor, and the sound changes that got us from there to here.

Subjects in rows, objects in columns. 1st person has inclusive and
exclusive plural forms, 3rd person has animate and inanimate forms.
Everything is in CXS.

	intrans	1	1ex	1inc	2	2p	3an	3anp	3in	3inp
1	pi	pesa	pesQku	pes&fi	bwi	bwena	pyxu	pyxona	pimi	pimna
1ex	pyku	pykosa	pykosQku	pykos&fi	pygwi	pygwena	pikxu	pikxona	pykymi	pykymena
1inc	pfi	pfesa	pfesQku	pfes&fi	pfiwi	pfiwena	pfyxu	pfyxona	pfimi	pfimna
2	Nu	Nosa	NosQku	Nos&fi	Nywi	Nywena	Nuxu	Nuxna	Nymi	Nymena
2p	Nona	Nunsa	NunsQku	Nuns&fi	Non&wi	Non&wena	NonQxu	NonQxona	Non&mi	Non&mena
3an	tu	tosa	tosQku	tos&fi	tywi	tywena	tuxu	tuxna	tymi	tymena
3anp	tona	tunsa	tunsQku	tuns&fi	ton&wi	ton&wena	tonQxu	tonQxona	ton&mi	tyn&mena
3in	mi	rasa	rasku	ras&fi	r&wi	r&wena	rQxu	rQxona	r&mi	r&mena
3inp	mena	ransa	ransQku	rans&fi	ran&wi	ran&wena	ranQxu	ranQxona	ranmi	ranmena



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