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Takiyyudin phonology, and the starling's song

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Saturday, July 29, 2006, 22:46
John Vertical wrote:

> I don't think I'll bother. I mean, this *was* just a random example > that doesn't necessarily have a solution, right?
Well, it's a system that doesn't necc. have a historical solution; it's designed under other constraints. I wouldn't call that "random". So I started translating the starling's song... T. allows, but doesn't require, incorporation into verb forms. Verbs have a default argument arrangement where case markers aren't required; reordering the arguments within the verb or pulling them out of it requires case markers in anything moved leftward. It's considered most elegant if you are able to use the fully-incorporated forms at all times, partly because of the challenge of stepping around words that are obligatorily one colour. It's somewhat a luxury to spend all the time and energy learning traditional poetic kennings for colour-switches. This text isn't gonna do that, partly because I find it more interesting to use both strategies, and partly because I don't have the vocab yet. Of heroic deeds does the starling's song sing. Idairisuse'tzaigoshmo' khengmiluusjaiisu'daitayahin. idair-isu-se'tzai(G)-gosh-mo' khengmil-uusjai(B)-isu'-daita-yahin glory-GEN-deed -MANY-ACC sing -starling -GEN -song -IMP.PRES The heron its clothes in the morning rain washes. Iighamghayanglisupenenjichinisuellasghashtsengyahin. iigham-ghayang(B)-lisu-penen -jichin -isu-ellas-ghash-tseng-yahin wash -heron -its -clothing-morning-GEN-rain -MANY -LOC -IMP.PRES -Shreyas