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From:Austin Taylor <aemilius7@...>
Date:Monday, October 11, 1999, 16:42
Hey all:

So, we all realize now that Katabala (my conlang) has all those other consonants
we have in English that you thought I
didn't have? Great. And the letter "p" only makes it into the alphabet when Hell
freezes over? Even better. And my line lengths are set at 60 on my E-mail
program, so it's not my fault if they come out as one huge line on your
Tre bien. Okay, sorry for the many misunderstandings that have cropped up since my
entry into the list.

Anyway, how do I create a font? I want to make one for my conlang. Is there anyway to
do it without trying to draw with the mouse on MSPaint?



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