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Yeah, right! (was Re: Indo. tidak/bukan (was: A question and introduction)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 19, 2002, 5:12
andrew wrote:
>You have just reminded me of a billboard I walk past that advertises a >beer brand. It uses the catch phrase "yeah, right" as its slogan. The >most recent one reads: "I was reading her t-shirt -- yeah, right". >Dunedin being a university town at the start of the year they had up >"This year I'm going to study real hard -- yeah, right". Since then >they also put up "Quiet student seeks room -- yeah, right". > >Three sentences so far. Anyone wish to attempt translations?
We could do this in Kash, but I'm not sure how given they are to irony/sarcasm...oh well, it's probably Universal. It would probably be something like-- pehan tayu, kundrini poro matelandelañ-- nakayi na! year this, truly going-to I-study-study-- absolutely yes, well! (nakayi: a strengthened form of /hai/ 'yes') (Won't do the T-shirt one; they don't wear them, and even if the women did, it wouldn't be all that stimulating to look at.)