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Re: ceqli

From:Muke Tever <hotblack@...>
Date:Sunday, July 18, 2004, 3:11
On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 22:28:08 +0100, And Rosta <a.rosta@...> wrote:
>> Yeah, Wikipedia really isn't the place for stuff like that. Unless a >> conlang develops a community of speakers, or is used in a published work >> of fiction, or makes some sort of impact beyond simply existing that >> would make it an encyclopedic topic, it really doesn't belong on >> Wikipedia. Some editors are quick to put anything that looks like a >> vanity article on VfD. > > My first reaction on seeing Philip's mention of the VfD status was > annoyance at encountering yet another instance of the insufferable > and ignorant disdain with which conlangs are widely treated.
It's not just conlangs. Wikipedia has this attitude towards all kinds of small-scale projects--the issues I've run across most often are conlangs/concultures, micronations, and garage bands. This issue is just now being raised on the sister project Wiktionary, where the effect is different: instead of an arguably negligible one-page description, you get an effect covering possibly hundreds of pages, incorporation into translation lists, and possibly a whole stack of meta pages (an Interlingua-clone called Romanica wedged itself in this way awhile back). This isn't, of course, necessarily a bad thing... Anyway, personally I didn't feel my conlangs belonged on either project[1], and that's why I set up the wiki on -- for people to present such things (well, not garage bands) in a similar environment. Since it's not an "encyclopedia" or a "dictionary", you can do more stuff with the wiki format: detailed grammatical description, phrasebooks, tutorials, whatever you're comfortable with. </hype> *Muke! [still catching up on a week's worth of missed messages] [1] My langs tend to be too volatile to integrate into Wiktionary, and I don't expect to be in an encyclopedia till I'm either famous or dead. Preferably both. -- (my website) (conlangs and concultures)