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Re: NATLANG/Learning : Sanskrit

From:John Leland <leland@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 19, 2003, 20:16
At some point in my teens, I invented an alphabet (not a set of ideograms)
intended to be based on English the way that the Roman/Phoenecian derived
alphabet originally was based on Semitic words, so, for example, the sign
for B in my script looked like a book instead of being derived from a
stylized house (Phoenecian beth?) etc. It was not linked to any of my
conlangs,since logically it was tied to English, though a variant of it
has become used in the calendar of the world in which Meridonian in a
dominant language, and I have written a few short texts in Natece using it.
I have also used it for private diary entries, though I expect anyone
who seriously tried could crack it easily.
John Leland
On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Estel Telcontar wrote:

> --- Stone Gordonssen wrote: > > Anyhone here ever develop a ideographic/logographic written form for > > his/her conlang? > > I thought of this for my Laafaah, but then rejected it as too > > difficult for the PCs in my RPG campaign. > > Well, in the first incarnation of Ikanirae Seru, there was a version > that could be written in Japanese characters... kanji were chosen > simply by their phonetic values, and katakana were used where that > failed. > > I also have a fictional "diary entry" (from when I was about 12) > written in a spur-of-the-moment ideographic script/language - all I > ever invented of the language was this fictional diary entry of a > character stranded on a desert island, and it was written in ideograms > and glossed in English - I never invented any pronunciations. > > I'm currently thinking it would be neat to see if I can start to make a > language based on ideograms used in this part of the world - e.g. > octagon for stop, red circle with slash for prohibition, hourglass for > waiting. > > Estel > > ______________________________________________________________________ > Post your free ad now! >