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OT: Getting OE6 mails xported 2 single TXT files automatically?

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Friday, January 9, 2004, 15:37
Sorry for shortening the RE line so much, but I guess it's still too long
WORDS OR WHATSOEVER!!!!!!! As for the topic, it should
have been "OT: Getting Outlook Express 6 emails exported to single
TXT files automatically? (was: My current practise in using Conlang


I wrote:

> *OT:* But unfortunately OE has no option to export to TXT or HTML, and > Mozilla from which you can import mails can do save messages as TXT/HTML > files, but you've got to do everything by hand, it'd be surely more > comfortable to do the extraction automatically ... So if someone knows a > small proggy that can do this task automatically ... please for Windows! > The Linux distribution I've got is a "Linux-life-from-CD"-distribution
>, and many required files (Qt3, Python headers, other
> are not at the places the ./configure expects them or whyever cannot be > recognized even if I do ./configure --with-qt-foobars /usr/local/foo, I > always fail at compiling something (or when it's compiled, the
> fails because something like "target 'foo': nothing to do ... leaving > directory ... exit"). I really should go buying SuSE or Mandrake or > something newbie-friendly like that (if it only wouldn't be so expensive, > but still less expensive than Windows!) => OT: HOW TO GET EMAILS CONVERTED > TO HTML FILES OUT OF OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6.0 AUTOMATICALLY?
Scott Heath answered:
> At the risk of being flamed, consider getting Outlook rather than Outlook > Express. In Outlook, you have the option of saving an individual email > message as an HTML or TXT file. > > Another option in Outlook, if you want whack a batch of messages, is to > export email messages to an Access database. This also has the advantage > of being searchable and sortable. It also means you could send a friend > the entire conlang list output for say a year as a single database file,
> frightening a possibility as that sounds... > > If you only have a web-based email service, well, this list just might be > wildly impractical, just by its sheer volume. (That volume, however, > presents a wealth of information and commentary that is sometimes > as amusing as informative. ;-) Consider maintaining a separate email > account just for this list, if you must use a web-based email service. > > --Scott Heath
================================================== No, converting things into *one* file is still not what I want. A disadvantage of exporting to what-so-ever is that you cannot sort the mails by date anymore, but anyway, topic is more important. Unfortunately, my mother uses Outlook Express and has not installed Outlook at all on her pc. I must use my mother's pc because I do all my mail stuff on hers - on my own pc I haven't got internet access, and my parents won't let me have one as long as I don't earn my own money (basta). Their arguments are reasonable, so no chance. I still must look for that address. The script is available somewhere at and Sourceforge as well, search for "". Actually, you'd simply have to program a php script using the class contained in the mentioned zip file like this: until (so it's a while-loop) all mails are read (feof), get the message text, date, title, from, to, etc. of each message, save it to date.[shortened topic line].html (html because there are still some people sending HTML mails instead of text-only). Et voilà - each single message extracted into a text file containing only *one* message. Of course redundant spaces (at the beginning and between words) and Re:'s resp. "Re: RE:"'s must be cut off before saving and further processing. Carsten