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Diachronical Language: the Newest Sketch

From:Ben Poplawski <thebassplayer@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 2004, 6:53
I've been working on a (fictional) diachronic language for some time now.
Years, in fact, off and on.

I have the latest right here:

Note: There is no link to that from the directory index page.

Many intermediate forms were omitted when showing rough evolution; hopefully
you can follow the changes.

A post was made on this some time ago that resides here:

Further notes: {

The pronunciation of |j| depends on the time. In earlier forms it is [j]. In
the latest form it follows English to stand for [dZ].

The Chulbi are one tribe among a nation that conquered their present living
space some good years ago. They are rather small but have the city of
Chulbin (merely the associative [or genitive, if you like] of "Chulbi"), the
largest city of the Tribes (as they call themselves), where the University
of Chulbin resides and the Council of Tribes sits. The largest tribe, the
Chossi, surrounds the Chulbin territory.

Other dialects do exist. I am now focusing on the Chulbi/urban dialect. Some
have the folk hero Marjan as Morien instead (in his own tongue he was Maurgian).

Lord Marjan is the George Washington of the tribes, a brilliant strategist
and politician that united the tribes and drove out the last of the previous


A good day to you all,