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Greco-glossa [was Re: Graiugenic languages (was: Re: Another phonological extreme...)]

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Monday, July 24, 2000, 6:54
In a message dated 2000/07/24 06:08:33 AM:

>Muke Tever <realvinegar@...> >>I got to thinking about what the >>Romance languages would look like if they were Greek- instead of >>Latin-based. (Any conlangs like that around? ...) >
BPJ wrote:
>No, but it *is* a terriffic idea -- just what would be likely to happen in >Lucus (my alternate timeline).
I like that idea a lot. Is Lucus a ConLang? More info, more please... Being a Glosa* "outcast", I still like the Greek roots in much of the international techno-scientific culture. The Greek roots _seem_ to have a certain simple, integral "hardiness" that the Romance roots seemingly lack. In almost any (written [Roman alphabet]) language where the international techno-Greco roots are used, one can readibly recognize them. Makes one wonder what that may imply for a Greco language group? and for an Euro-civilization more Greco than Roman? Anyone know more about the country in South East Asia - I think it's Thailand, but I am not certain - that holds contests to see who can come up with the best Sanskrit equivalents for techno-scientific words??? Z * - one of those overly idealistic AuxLangs -